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Contempt of court


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Andrea Yates won't get freedom soon despite overturned conviction: lawyers

Divorce Stats

Bankrupt Democracy


Females. Finally accountable?

She gets away with it.

Supreme Court, Overturns "Magna Carta"

Feminism: Equality, not Emasculation

Colorado judge arrested by citizen militia

Child porn judge spared jail term

Rescuers fight to reach remote areas, death toll could top 100,000

Here's the program for an ex-judge in jail

Animals sensed tsunami--no animals killed

Good thing they've got our Backs.

Undercover Fort Worth officer shot during bust Associated Press

FORT WORTH -- The son of a convenience store owner opened fire on an undercover narcotics officer because he thought she was entering the store to rob it, police said today.

The officer, who was in critical but stable condition today, was wearing a hood over her head and a police raid jacket and had her gun drawn when she and three other officers entered the store Thursday.

"According to his statement, he saw the ski mask and the gun in the officer's hand, he thought they were bring robbed so he fired the shot," Lt. Jesse Hernandez said in a news release.

The 28-year-old man who shot her was questioned and released, Hernandez said.

According to police, four undercover narcotics officers bought drugs on the street from a man who walked into the E Z Food Store after the sale.

Three officers went into the store to arrest the man, wearing dark hoods on their heads that left only the eyes exposed. They were also wearing raid jackets with a police badge and patch, Hernandez said.

Police had originally said that the officer had on a bullet-resistant vest and was not wearing a hood.

"Follow-up investigation reveals that the injured officer was wearing a concealment hood and had her gun drawn at the time she entered the store," the released said.

The officer was not wearing a bullet resistant vest, and was wounded under the left armpit. Officials would not give specifics about her injuries.

James E. Crenshaw, 27, was arrested and has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance for selling a $20 rock of crack cocaine to the undercover officers.

Cop Stories "Smarter than a wet sack of hammers"

... the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.

Lick the Loch Ness monster

Radical Women Freedom Socialist Party

Hitler's life through his love affairs

Renormalization group analysis of 2000-2002 SP500 anti-bubble (.pdf)

The new relevance of Oswald Spengler

McClendon Report

Scum Manifesto

Feminist hate speech

A Misandry Sampler

I don't fuck feminazi PIGS. Besides is that not rape?


How to Detect It and What to Do About It

The Parental Alienation Directory

Feminists assert that Parental Alienation Syndrome is a fathers' rights hoax

PAS, View from a Feminazi!

How Denying and Discrediting the Parental Alienation Syndrome Harms Women

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Venus: sizing up the solar system

Mysterious Martian methane

Mars remote

Earth's permafrost starts to squelch

Faster than Light

Ants' self-genetic-engineering leads to species interdependency

Time Machine Experiment

The alternative physics and cosmology FAQ

Global scaling theory

The phallus tree

Medieval mural's tales of sorcery

Nazi High

Don't like being treated like a whore? Don't act like one.

Man kisses car for 54 hours; car still not aroused

Teen Birth Rate Drops in Baltimore

Sex toys that kill

Abstinence-education backers tout new oversight

Teen girls are as pushy sexually as boys

Sex murder victim's mum speaks out

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